Saturday, December 20, 2008

These were the two book covers I was able to complete including text.  The first book was for Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.  It was done for my Sacred Geometry class using the ratio of my hand for the size of the book and placement of text and images.  The second book cover is a redo of my favorite author A. Lee Martinez.  I did another version of this book Gil's All Fright Diner but I think this came out much more sophisticated.  This was done for my Digital Portfolio class.  

The two top ones are book covers for Wizard of Oz and Robin Hood.  The last one was a Japanese rendition of Beauty and the Beast.  Wizard of Oz was done using Corel Painter and the bottom two is Illustrator.

Today is Art Dump day, since I will be without internet at home.  Here are a lot of the things I did for this semester.  I will post sketches and comps later.  These are the rest of the T-shirt designs I finished in my Digital Portfolio class.

Monday, December 8, 2008

So here are a couple pages of the tshirt designs i finished.  

Friday, November 28, 2008

Some thumbnails for some T-shirt Designs I plan to do for my Digital portfolio class.  My teacher said my strongest one was the nerd and my weakest is probably the prep and blonde

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fibonacci Monster

This project was for my Sacred Geometry and the Golden Section class.  The assignment was to  create anything using the fibonacci sequence.  I used it as a grid for an illustration.  It was done in Photoshop CS using a Wacom tablet.  I still have to work out some of the colors.  

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

The was the final i turned in for portfolio.  i'm going to revise some of the colors but other than that it's done.  The big space their is supposed to be for the type.

8 1/2 x 11 inches Digital/Adobe Illustrator

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is the sketch for alice.  Still needs some reworking.  Thinking about doing it in Illustrator.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

So, my portfolio teacher was saying I needed to do more children/YA books that are more recognizable.  This is just the value comp i did.  I had another one but it wasn't as sucessful.  
i am having a hard time trying to decide on how i should render it.  I'm thinking maybe Illustrator with a little Painter.  Don't know.  We'll have to see.  it's due the day after my Birthday October 22, 2008.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Perilous Path

This image is very current.  It was done for my Narrative Painting class.  The assignment was to take a sentence from a list of choices and illustrate our interpretations.  This was extremely tedious because everything is an individual shape.  It was done using Adobe Illustrator CS3.  I took inspiration from Tomer Hanuka. My favorite part is probably the scary highlighted sunflower looking plant.  I was really disappointed the printout came out terrible.  I'm going to return it in and adjust the values. 

Digital 7"x7"


This was the last assignment for Eccentric Illustration.  The Assignment was to create an illustration that conveyed some sort of emotion.  I wanted something very dramatic. This was done in a charcoal sketch first then colored in Photoshop CS3.  

Charcoal and Digital 7"x11"

popsicle fetus again

This was in following the idea of my roommates draw about the eating a Popsicle fetus but this was for Eccentric Illustration class.  I thought the idea was so weird that i continued using it in my illustrations.  The assignment was to get ideas from the subconscious.  

Digital 6"x 10"

Company of Ogres

This book cover was the final for Illustration 3.  I redid the book cover for yet again, another book by Al Lee Martinez called In the Company of Ogres. This was also done in Illustrator.  We were required to add type and it had to be a two page layout.  I had help from a friend in what to do with the type but it was mostly me for the layout. 
Digital 9"x 5.5"  

Winter Monsters

This was also done for Illustration 3 and was also in the Spring Show 2008 for Academy of Art University.  The assignment was to create 6 icons using Adobe Illustrator.  I had so much fun creating then i made three more.  

Digital 11"x2.5"

Bird Crap

This was the one out of two pieces i did for an assignment in Illustration 3.  This was using both the ink pens and watercolor brushes in Corel Painter.  This also won 2nd place in Intermediate Illustration for Spring Show 2008 at Academy of Art University.  This didn't really have any thought in subject matter.  It was just a go with the flow kind of work. 

Digital 4"x8"


I did two for this assignment in Illustration 3.  The assignment was to use the ink or watercolor tools in Corel painter.  I chose to go very graphic and used the ink pens.  The concept came from my roommates dream.  She had dreamed the she just ate a popsicle from her freezer but it turned out to be her mom's baby that she lost.   This was one of the entries in the Spring Show 08 for the Academy of Art University. 

Digital 4"x8"


This was also for Book Illustration Class.  The teacher gave us a select few of books to create covers for.  I chose the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  I found this assignment extremely difficult because i haven't really drawn dragons but i found the story more intriguing than the others.  

Digital 4"x7"  

Jethro and the Wolf

This illustration was done for Book Illustration.  The assignment was to take a paragraph from a list our teacher gave us and illustrate it.  I really looked at N.C. Wyeth when i was doing compositions. This was my first time using acrylic. My favorite part is the lighting in this piece. 
Acrylic 8"x11.5"

Winter Graveyard

This was done for the Illustrative Digital Imaging.   The assignment was to create an illustration in Photoshop.  This was my best one in the class.  I had an easy time with this one since I was used to Photoshop at the time.  When we moved into Corel Painter it was much more difficult.  

Digital 8"x3.4"


This was done for Illustration 2.  The assignment was to take an animal of your choice and paint it in watercolor.  Then we were supposed to alter it with a different animal texture.  I will post my alterations later.  

Watercolor 9"x6.5"

Gil's all fright Diner

This was done for the final of Illustration 1.  I redid the book cover of a book called Gil's All Fright Diner by Al Lee Martinez.  It's a young adult fantasy novel that was published by Tor books.  The idea was for a two page spread.  The terrier is not the main character but i found him an interesting character.  I also did a mock up for the book but the text isn't that great.  I plan to redo it later in the future.

Pencil and Digital 8"x6"

The New Yorker Assignment

This was created during Illustration 1 class.  The assignment was to create a cover for the New Yorker.  The idea came from watching Brooke Hogan put a grill on in her video.  Since this was supposed to be an editorial piece i wanted to convey how i felt about this subject.  This idea was one of the last thumbnails but my teacher found the strongest for this piece.  

Pencil and Digital 8.5"x11"